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  Tell us about your Pet

Your Family Veterinarian  and   The Healing Path

The best plan for your pet is an integrated approach to a treatment plan that involves your family veterinarian.  The Healing Path is committed to clear communication of treatment goals and results.  We rely on your family veterinarian for thorough evaluations and diagnostics, to help make the Acupuncture experience a positive one for you and your pet.  A team approach is the best approach for the well-being of your pet.

Acupuncture Fees

The Healing Path is committed to senior dog rescue.  Has your family has adopted a senior dog who was over 10 years old at the time of adoption, from a rescue group or municipal shelter? The Healing Path will support your efforts to provide the best care possible for your senior companion, by offering a 30% discount on our acupuncture services.  Please call us to discuss your pet's needs. Adoption records required to qualify for discount.

All fees must be paid at the time of service. We will be happy to complete any insurance forms for you, and provide an itemized invoice for insurance submission.​ All major credit cards are accepted.

  • Initial Consultation/Examination Acupuncture/VMM session          $225

  • Follow-up Consultation and Acupuncture/VMM session                  $100

Insurance and Payment

(within 4 months of last consult)

  • Veterinary Medical Manipulation only, initial consult/session                $125

  • Follow-up VMM only consultation/session (within 4months)                 $  70

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